Learning the Interface

Parts of the Screen

Front and center, the area this text is situated in is called the workspace. This is where the text, pictures, and other multimedia is located and where you do your learning. Each page has the same layout; your location is recorded in something called a “breadcrumb” right below the title of the page. Right now it’s pretty simple but some courses get much more complicated. This will come in handy later.

Above this is the header menu. This is where you can see the company logo in the top left, a mark complete button in the middle, and a log-in widget to the top right. This is how you log in or out. The header menu is kept fairly minimal. We don’t want to be distracted by it.

To the left is the side menu. This helps you recall where you are in the course and you can navigate to different areas. You can click the little arrow to minimize it. This will give you more reading surface.


To the right is a little button that looks like a gear. It should look something like this:

Clicking it will expand it out to something more closely resembling:


The moon shaped button will toggle night mode, which is useful in lower light environments. Try it out (when you do, the buttons may move to the top of the page, so don’t panic if you don’t see them).

You will also be able to enlarge or reduce text size for easier viewing with the plus and minus icons. Next you have the up arrow which allows you to easily return to the top of the page:

When you are finished with the material you can use the last remaining function available to you:

Selecting mark complete will save your progress and enable you to move on to the next page. This enables you to complete the course in bite-size chunks in a time that is convenient for you.

Salty Says:

If you see something in bold, you might want to take a note of that for later. There are tests ahead!