We have several boats with Salty Tar captains and crew offering the Boat Programs listed under our Courses. Find out more about the vessels below.

Schooner Cassiopeia

Length: 57′
Max. Passengers: 6
Captain: William Davies
Courses Offered: Intro. to Boating, Traditional Sail, Coastal Exploration, Apprenticeship Program (AB & Master).

Cassiopeia is a traditional gaff-rigged schooner launched in 1999 on the lines of the Gloucester fishing schooners. She has cruised the Caribbean and had an extensive restoration in Savannah, Georgia.

Sloop Lyra

Length: 17′
Max. Passengers: 2
Captain: None
Courses Offered: Intro. to Boating, Open Boat Expeditions.

Designed after the lines of Chesapeake Bay crab fishing boats Lyra is able to explore coastally and over shoals. Easy to sail, row, and handle, this design is excellent for inland exploration and learning the basics of handling small craft.